As featured on Channel 4’s ‘The Salon’

The Salon Master Performer model

Size:  980mm (High) X 540mm (Diam) / 3ft 3in x 1ft 10in

Will also supply dispensary, Staff room, Beauty & Toilet facilities if required

Launched at the Hair Show at Wembley in 1992, the PERFORMER model has celebrity status after its appearance on Channel 4’s hit TV show ‘The Salon’.

Designed for the small to medium sized salon, the wall mountable Salon Master PERFORMER with SUPERBOOST facility is extremely popular with owners who intend to OR are doing upto 50% colour work.

Our PERFORMER model is currently being used in countless Saks and Regis salons worldwide.

As with all models in the Salon Master range, this model will also supply other points such as Staff room, Dispensary, all hand basins, washing machine and beauty areas.

This model comes supplied with full installation kit, commercially rated heating elements & our 25 year warranty


With the exception of the CLASSIC model, Our Unique “SUPERBOOST” facility is available on all models and has been designed with the colour specialist in mind, Activated by a switch or timer, this superb facility will provide the owner with a 30% boost in power and performance at the washpoints for those really busy colour rinsing periods thus providing you with complete peace of mind that you’ll NEVER run out of hot water ever again

To ensure you receive the correct model to meet your requirements – Just click the RED FREE SPEC button for your FREE specification as the number of clients and colour work has a major impact on the model you will require.

We will assess your requirements and determine the correct Salon Master model for YOUR SALON or call us on 01159 754500 to speak to one of our friendly team.

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