How do I choose the right model for my salon?

Just click on any of the “Free spec & Price guide buttons shown on the top right of each page on this website, Our Technical dept will receive your details within 2 minutes, and will then email you by return the correct model, its price and availability. The company will guarantee you, for your complete peace of mind, that it will be correct, based on the information you have kindly provided.

Will a Salon Master also supply my pedicure spa basins too?

Yes, A Salon Master unit will supply anything that requires hot water except central heating systems

When I place an order – how quickly can I receive my Salon Master system ?

We can usually deliver direct to your salon within 2-7 working days. One of the benefits of being the manufacturer is that we can accommodate the most urgent of orders and its not uncommon to receive orders for urgent same day delivery.

Is it possible a representative could visit me at my salon?

Yes, Our fully trained staff would be delighted to visit you at your salon to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you or your installer may have.

What makes the Salon Master so special compared to shower units & other makes?

Shower units are designed for 1-3 showers per DAY in a family home and cannot withstand the heavy commercial usage of some 5-15 showers an HOUR and therefore often fail after just a few months, they are also restricted to just one or two basins, which burns them out even quicker, and to make things worse, they are extremely expensive to operate and are unable to supply other areas such as staff-room & dispensary basins,very few salon owners use these anymore as they don’t look very attractive or professional on the wall. Salon owners often inform us that they were replacing them every seven to nine months and after plumbing & electrical installation costs each time, work out extremely expensive and is false economy at its very best.

You’ll never see shower units on the walls of Toni & Guy or Rush salons!

The Salon Master system IS designed for heavy usage, are extremely efficient and are able to supply all other areas too, and there’s just one installation cost and our units last 25 years longer!

Other water heaters: Are once again designed for use in the home and very often have just 1 or 2 standard heating elements that are designed to heat the water slowly to supply a family home. The Salon Master system is manufactured to the highest standards available to enable it to withstand professional salon use and just one Salon Master Performer model would supply enough hot water for FOUR homes or our Powerhouse model would supply a whole village! and that’s why salon owners and hairdressing wholesalers have made our systems the most successful in hairdressing & Beauty history.

How many litres does a Salon Master unit hold?

This is a common question from installers when they are trying to compare the Salon Master system to other makes,The Secret behind the Salon Master success isn’t how much water our units hold, but how fast they heat the water up. Our units are specifically designed for extreme fast recovery, for example, Our Performer model will supply the equivalent amount of hot water as three 210 litre units linked together and even our smallest unit will supply & heat as much water as a large domestic system. Its very much like comparing the engine performance of an Aston Martin sports car to that of a Ford fiesta ! When you need lots of hot water for continuous colour rinsing and technical work – You need energy & high performance and that’s where the Salon Master water heater comes into its own. Salon Master is the No1 favourite choice of salon owners because it guarantees them total peace of mind.

I want a Salon Master System – But my Plumber recommends..

Would you ask your plumber to cut your clients hair ? Of course you wouldn’t

We are at times shocked to hear that some salon owners accept the advice from installers who know nothing about hairdressing!

Due to their inexperience of hairdressing, plumbers often recommend a domestic gas or electric cylinder with just 1 or 2 standard heating elements that has been designed for 1 or 2 showers or baths each day in a domestic home and are not aware of the vast quantity of hot water a salon requires in order to operate an efficient and successful salon business, or that a colour rinse will use 75% more hot water than a standard rinse PER BACKWASH. In fact more often than not, they don’t even know what a backwash is and very often overlook one major point when they recommend a water system to a salon owner – That YOU are totally relying on the hot water system to operate YOUR business. YOUR livelihood and business is at stake and this is a massive responsibility of which we are very experienced in and accustomed to. Its absolute paramount that you get it right first time as mistakes can be extremely costly and very damaging.

We are continuously inundated with requests from upset salon owners that have been misguided or wrongly advised to put things right for them. Our business is the hairdressing industry and we are here to help, advise and protect salon owners from common scenarios such as “My new salon only opened yesterday and I’m constantly running out of water and I’ve been waiting an hour and there’s still no hot water” OR “I wanted a Salon Master – but my plumber recommended one that’s the same sort of thing”

Nothing compares with a Salon Master – That’s why we are here and at your service.

How efficient is your water heater?

Salon Master water heaters are extremely efficient, Not only are they extremely well made to British standards, the owner has the choice of switching on 1, 2 or all 3 heating elements dependant on how busy the business is, So when not busy, just work with one heating element, if you need a boost for a busy hour or two, then switch on the middle element for that period only, then switch off, and that’s without even using the superboost at the top, Everyone comments on how efficient our products are – remember you are in complete control.

How long do your water heaters last ?

This can vary on your location in the country, and will depend on the type of water in your area, ie hard or soft water. For example in London the water is hard so you are more likely to need a regular de-scale of your unit, In Scotland and the north of England the water is much softer and will not need as much attention. Salon Master systems are extremely robust and very reliable and if looked after and maintained will last for between 20-30 years, We received an order for a replacement immersion heater recently from a client who purchased the second Salon Master unit off the production line that was made in 1992 !

How easy is it to acquire spare parts?

All parts are available and in stock from thermostats, valves, expansion vessels. immersion heaters to a complete new installation kit. If ordered before 1pm, your order will be on a next day service direct to your salon.

Can I upgrade my Salon Master unit if my business expands?

Yes, this is something we do quite often, especially with new salons, as they become more established over the first 2-3 years,the demand of hot water increases too, and as our units are so well made, we will buy them back and you just pay the difference on the new Model.The installation costs are minimal too, as all it requires is re-connection, Simple as 123.

What are the operating costs of a Salon Master System?

The answer here is that it really depends on the amounts of hot water you will use, a Colour specialist will use 60% more water than a salon that does a very small amount of colour work as the colourist will usually rinse the hair 4-5 times per client. The main point here is that with a Salon Master system, you will always have the option of using one, two or all three heating elements,depending how busy you are, even with two heating elements on, you will be using less electricity than one wall style shower unit – and your Salon Master will supply all other points in the salon at the same time – Now that’s what we call efficiency !

How do you size the correct model for a salon?

In the old days, say pre 2002, the number of backwash determined what size of model would be applicable, However, This is no longer the case and of no use whatsoever, Because of the dramatic increase in colour & technical work now seen in the industry, an increase of some 80%, even a salon with two washpoints could easily use far more water than a salon with six washpoints, If the salon with two backwash did some 80% colour and the salon with six basins did 30% colour, then there is a massive difference in water consumption as each colour rinse uses approx 75-85 litres PER CLIENT as opposed to 5-10 litres per client for a quick standard rinse. So we now ask three simple questions in order to size things correctly, (1)Total number of stylists on your busiest day, (if a new salon, max no of styling stations) (2) Approx percentage of colour/tech work involved (nat average is currently 55%) (3) Are there any beauty facilities such as showers etc, and from these answers, we are able to work out how much water your salon will require in order to operate successfully and we then add a further 25% for busy periods such as easter & Christmas. We are the ONLY company in the world that has the experience to be able to do this successfully.

Why are Salon Master water heaters electric & not gas?

The answer to this question is simple – The hairdressing industry totally relies on the constant supply of hot water, and the fastest way of heating water is “Direct” with the immersion heater immersed in “Direct” contact with the water, whereas, Gas is “In-direct” ie outside the water and therefore much slower, which for today’s busy salon is of no use. A basic form of answering this question is that you can heat up 6 kettles of hot water by electricity by the time a gas stove heats the same amount, and because our units have “Special Design” low density Titanium Commercial immersion heaters that are designed to work with electricity,this makes them extremely effective and highly efficient.

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